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Our Time Capsules – High Quality, Stainless Steel

We have your perfect time capsule package for the future!

Need help with your Time Capsule Project? See our Time Capsules, Metal Cast Plaques and Preservation Kits with archival supplies. Choose an ‘easy package’ that is everything you need.

Need help with deciding on a Time Capsule Container? We provide high quality time capsule containers. Our job is to provide you with the best quality products for your time capsule project. That way, future citizens who open your time capsule do not find a mucky, muddy mess. We do not overstate the capabilities of our time capsules. If anything, we understate them. You can find more information about our Time Capsule Boxes here. You will not need to wonder what materials we use and why.

For Your Time Capsule Budget

Are you on a tight budget? Our Future Line Time Capsules are the practical choice. Choose from four sizes from small to medium. Their pricing is affordable so that customers like to order multiples for large projects involving small groups. For instance, the State of Florida sent them to libraries all over the state to involve as many residents as possible for their Viva Florida 500 celebration. And, in California, Temple City High School alumni made a large vault to keep multiple containers in for the long haul.

Sometimes a larger box container makes more sense. If this is the case, choose either the Bolted or the Simple Capped Cornerstone Time Capsule to make the most of the space inside. Our most popular time capsule is the Capped Cornerstone Box (it’s easy to do & affordable). Our more exclusive and best is the Bolted 3000 Time Capsule Box. It is safe for burial to 100 years or more and needs no vault.

For Marking the Time Capsule Container & Marking the Spot

To personalize your time capsule, give us your message or personalization for laser marked engraving and we make it permanent for you. See our Gallery for examples of wording and how this makes your time capsule speak to the future.

To mark the spot where you place the time capsule, consider capping off the area above where it is with a metal cast plaque marker. See our gallery for lots of examples of cast bronze and cast aluminum plaques.

We Are Time Capsule Preservation Experts

To protect the contents inside your time capsule, read our leaflets and books. Use our archival Preservation Kits. You’ll know the products and advice is sound.

You can trust our company and our products. We have been helping customers with time capsules for more than 25 years. That’s long enough to have a track record of time capsule success. What’s success? Simply making sure your time capsule artifacts and message survive through to the future, safe and sound.