Time Capsules – Preservation – Plaques

  • Time Capsule Container – must be high quality to last & protect over time
  • Preservation – keeps your time capsule items in mint condition inside the capsule
  • Plaque – lets those intended future recipients know who, what, why, and when to open the time capsule

We Are Your Time Capsule Partner

FPP Time Capsules

  • High quality stainless steel & sturdy designs
  • Can be buried
  • Special engraving options for personalizing & messages

FPP Preservation Kits

  • Best quality archival supplies will last a long time
  • Papers & plastics – safe to use on documents, photos, artifacts
  • Come with all instructions and ideas for easy use

FPP Cast Metal Plaques

  • Outdoor quality plaque marks the spot where you place the time capsule
  • Guaranteed to last a lifetime or more
  • Helps assure your time capsule is not forgotten

Please see our Gallery for examples of time capsule containers & plaques made of cast bronze and cast aluminum. By the way, we’re preservation experts – so check out our preservation supply kits here. You can trust our company and our products. We have been helping customers with time capsules for more than 25 years. That’s long enough to have a track record of time capsule success. What’s success? Simply making sure your time capsule artifacts and messages survive through to the future, safe and sound. Contact us today!